Areas we serve with particularity as much individuals as legal entities.

Guaranteed performance on the causes with the highest professional quality, among the various branches of activity of our customers include insurance companies, insurance brokers, builders, providing general services, industries, carriers, digital platforms, e-commerce, marketplaces, among others.

Our areas of expertise are:


Strategic management and monitoring preventive and contentious Actions and defenses in search

Develop opinions, theses and conducting highly complex technical processes or economic importance

Insurance Law

Defense of insurance brokers in front of the state or the local regulator

Action of lawsuits for policyholders who seek insurance indemnity based on specific legislation and consumer law in the face of insurers


Legal actions for the protection of consumer rights

Consultancy opinions and creation of insurance thesis to suit or protect the consumer rights

Settlement advisory and accompaniment


Analysis of contracts as the feasibility of filing of lawsuits

Terms drafting, Private Instruments and contracts of various subjects

Family and Successions

Succession planning


Recognition and Dissolution of stable relationship


Legal feasibility analysis of business models

Drafting of terms and conditions of usage and privacy policy

Strategic management

Labor Laws

Study for prevention of disputes: consulting and acting legal counsel for solving questions of hiring or termination of employment contracts

Prepare lawsuits representing the interests of the service provider